Do I have to purchase a new camera system?
No, our compression server integrates directly with your current camera system.
How long can I back up my footage?
There is no limit on how long you can archive and retain your footage.
What if my internet goes out?
This is exactly why our services are so important. We will be able to generate alerts even if the internet loses connection for whatever reason: the power went out, something was unplugged, line was cut, etc.
What if one of my cameras loses connection?
Our servers will automatically generate an alert a camera lost connection and needs to be addressed. This type of awareness give you the tools needed to ensure your cameras are up and running when you need your video the most.
What is the difference between Pulse Monitoring and my current camera systems alert?
What makes our system monitoring so special are the custom network thresholds we place. This allows us to reduce the annoying amount of false alarms that are generated when using the NVR and DVR built-in alerts, while still being alerted to the actual network failures.
How long will the installation take?
Installation usually takes less the one day.
How do I access the archived footage?
Your archived footage can easily be accessed via your computer with your proper sign in credentials. The footage can be viewed and downloaded right to your PC.
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